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Puerto Rico Art Sons Of Borinquen Studio.

Authentic Puerto Rican Art Celebrating Our Culture and Heritage

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Puerto Rico. Shop our collection and bring home a piece of Borinquen!

La Taina, Puerto Rican Taino Art 5.jpeg

"Explore the Beauty of the Taino People"

Puerto Rico Bomba.jpeg

"Captivating Puerto Rican Bomba y Plena Art Reflecting Boricua Music, Dances, Rhythms"

Black Puerto Rican Flag Art 3.jpeg

"Show Your Boricua Soul with Our Puerto Rico Collection"

Welcome to
Sons Of Borinquen Studio

Hello my name is Samuel RiosCuevas

As a printmaking artist from Anasco, Puerto Rico, with over 20 years in the art world, I'm dedicated to preserving and promoting our island's heritage. At Sons of Borinquen Studios, formerly Hispanic Legacy Studio, I infuse each piece with the vibrant essence of Puerto Rican culture, history, and symbols. I aim to offer authentic, meaningful artworks that ignite pride and connection to our Boricua roots. Explore our collections to experience the beauty of Puerto Rican artistry. Thank you for supporting local art and celebrating Puerto Rican culture Sons of Borinquen Studio.

Sons Of Borinquen Studio Samuel RiosCuevas

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