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From Puerto Rico, With Love!

Hello, I'm Samuel RiosCuevas, and I wear my Puerto Rican heart on my sleeve. The beauty, the culture, and the history of our island are etched deep into my soul. In my newly revitalized studio, Sons of Borinquen Studio (formerly Hispanic Legacy Studio), I've set out on a mission—to create art that fuels love and pride within Puerto Rican communities.

Every single piece of art that leaves my studio is a piece of my heart, handcrafted by yours truly. My chosen method, linoprint, is like a love story unfolding on paper. It's a process where I carve the soul of Puerto Rico into every piece. With each meticulous cut and print, I'm not just creating art; I'm preserving our heritage, one artwork at a time.

Sons of Borinquen Studio is more than just an art hub; it's a love letter to Puerto Rico. Here, you'll find a celebration of our island's cultural richness and diversity. My art is a tribute to our Puerto Rican essence, a testament to our profound pride, and an open invitation to explore the heart of Borinquen. Join me in this artistic voyage, where every linocut is a melody of love for our beloved Puerto Rico.

Sons Of Borinquen Studio Samuel RiosCuevas
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